CCTV & Alarms Worcestershire and surounding area's

We can supply only or supply and fit custom designed Texecom security


Alarms and also CCTV systems for the individual home owner to full


commercial systems that are all of the highest quality


with top branded Nitedevil camera


technology and Alien 4/8/16/+ way DVR systems



 CCTV & Alarms

 cctv installers stourport on Severn         night devil cctv cameras    IR cameras installed in Ashward Bank


Turn onto CCTV and choose who enters your


 home or business!



cctv installers stourbridge             cctv visual security kidderminster      cctv installers bromsgrove


CCTV can be used for all sorts of things!



 cctv as a visual security deterrent

cctv Maintenance   covert cctv system birmingham  spy cameras bromsgrove

The Data Protection Act restricts the use of permanent installations of hidden cameras, but temporary installations for specific purposes are permitted. We provide short-term rentals of covert systems, and can advise on the legal as well as the practical issues.

 cctv west midlands

CCTV & Alarms


We supply and install  all sorts of systems


from 1 camera on a home overlooking


 a car or front door connected to the home TV system


 to multi 4/8/16 way systems


 using the very latest technology including



DVD and USB backup



Network monitoring 



Remote monitoring and backup over the Internet



 Live mobile phone monitoring



 Car numberplate recognition



  Facial recognition



    Covert, Spy, Nanny cameras



           Extremely low lux cameras   


                 night devil cctv cameras    cctv stourbridge


We can now also offer the very latest Nitedevil cameras


 for external or internal use


Nitedevil Covert, Spy, Dome, PTZ  cameras


 cctv installers  kidderminster    Night time with a standard low lux cameras   cctv installers kidderminster



 Image is poor, can make out some shapes, but no detail.  Person wearing black would not be seen



Day time picture from a night devil camera cctv kidderminster

cctv with Maintenance Nitedevil camera at the sametime as the other low lux cameras cctv visual security worcs area

  (the truck has gone as the owner has now gone home

well the time and date say 21-02-09 sat 1 :42)

Image looks like daytime with slight loss of colour

Person wearing black would be easily seen.

Camera quickly adjusts to car headlamps allowing capture of the number plate if camera is positioned for such.

cctv stourbridge

•      Internal or External Use
•      On-screen Graphics
•      Works in colour in lower light 0.00014lux depending on model
•      Low Light Moonlight Mode                                                               cctv bromsgrove
•      Vari-Focal 4-9mm Lens
•      High resolution - 550TVL,  600TVL, 7OOTVL
•      Superb Colour Reproduction
•      Ideal for bars & clubs.
•      Vandal Resistant Dome

Working in extremely low light conditions the NiteDevil produces exceptional results where other CCTV cameras wouldn't see a thing!

The popular Nitedevil electronics were originally developed for bars and nightclubs, as the light sensitivity of the NiteDevil is so good that it can retain a colour picture in very low light conditions.

With such stunning low light performance and the ability to capture colour images in low light situations, the NiteDevil is a great choice not only for nightclubs and bars but for any poorly illuminated external areas such as compounds, car parks and wasteland.


Traditional, Dome, and PTZ Speed domes are all available with Nitedevil electronics.  The price we can supply these for is comparable with standard quality commercial camera kit.  




If you have an existing camera in an external housing and an Infra-red lamp, simply replacing the camera will produce you a saving in electricity and IR bulb replacement in the first year.  




Most of our camera system installation proposals now include these as standard.  We are happy to supply these as part of a system or on their own. Please contact arsparks for further details


   cctv visual security kidderminster 

  CCTV & Alarms


for a live demo of real working Nitedevil CCTV cameras



 over the Internet on one or our Alien CCTV DVRs 



Special Offer


4 Camera & DVR setup


for only £1299 .00 fitted*


1 x Alien pod DVR


  • Ultra compact package three products in one
  • 100FPS Real Time recording
  • Remote server for remote monitoring
  • LCD screen for viewing
  • Audio channel
  • H264 Compression uses half the HDD space than MPEG4 DVR's and gives twice the picture quality
  • Screen displays single or quad 
  • Upto D1 recording
  • 500GB HDD
  • Triplex, record, play and remote access simultaneously
  • Four recording modes including video motion detection and scheduled recording
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • CCTV bromsgrove
The alienPOD is ideal for shop counters and homes where space is restricted, the alienPOD measures only (W)200 x (H)130mm x (D)275mm

As a standard DVR up to four CCTV cameras can be connected to the alienPOD which simultaneously records images from all of them storing this digitally on to its internal hard drive. Using a mouse to control the unit, the stored video can then be played back by camera number, time and date or by alarm.

Remote Internet or Phone Surveillance
For the shop owner or manager, the remote monitoring via the internet or via a mobile phone gives them a second pair of eyes when they can't be in the branch/Home themselves.

The Remote monitoring software is supplied free with the DVR so the user can connect to the alienPOD from anywhere in the world and watch live or recorded images on a standard PC or laptop!

Using the latest generation of Smart phones, live CCTV images can be viewed from the alienPOD and the Phone Connect software even allows Pan Tilt control of compatible PTZ cameras.

The alienPOD has four recording modes and for total flexibility it is even possible to use a mixture of them to suit the camera's purpose: Constant, Scheduled, Alarm & VMD.

For example, a shop may record 9:00-18:00 Mon-Sat by a scheduled recording setting and also record if the burglar alarm goes off outside those times using the alarm activation mode.

As well as recording video, the alienPOD can also record audio. A carefully positioned microphone over a till or in a reception area could prove vital in "who said what" when seeing who did what is not enough.

Easy Network Back Up
As the alienPOD is easy to network it is easy to download critical information from it to a networked computer. You can then use the computer's CD or DVD writer to copy the files to a writeable disk. The video files produced by the DVR are archived in an H264 form


2 x Professional out door


anti-Vandal Nitedevil Dome




CCTV systems bromsgrove


2 xProfessional in door


Nitedevil Dome


 Cameras with mirror dome 


CCTV rental birmingham


New High Resolution Wide Dynamic NiteDevil Dome.

Working in extremely low light conditions the NiteDevil produces exceptional results where other CCTVcameras wouldn't see a thing!

At night, the NiteDevil Dome's intelligent electronics change the camera from Colour Mode to B&W mode and boost the resolution from 600TVL to 700TVL to reduce the night-time graininess associated with inferior products. The IR-filter automatically retreats to permit the maximum amount of light entering the camera for the best possible night vision and also allows the camera to efficiently work with IR illuminators where standard colour cameras won't.

The Service

We are a Professional Company based in Stourport on Severn With over 10 years experience in the industry,The Price quoted is based on the equipment stated ideal for small shop, workshop, offices or house but the CCTV kit can be changed to suit each customer requirements, Please e-mail for more details


all fitted for only £1299.00*


*Fitted within 50mles of stourport on severn, max camera cable lenth 20m and subject to site servey



 CCTV & Alarms

What about Infra-red cameras and lamps?   IR cameras installed in Ashward Bank


Infra red seems an obvious solution for night time vision and there is a large range readily available.  Our rule of the thumb is: put in a decent camera and Infra-red is not required.  

Infra red lamps have limited range and have a number of downsides including:

  • Only the area that the lamp covers is lit in the image, often leaving the sides black.
  • Car headlamps and bright lights often blur the image as the camera cannot cope with light and dark in the same area
  • Peoples faces appear as a white block up close
  • Power consumption can be up to 500w  for a large IR Lamp, which can cost over £200 per year  in electricity.  
  • LED based lamps still use more than twice as much power as a standard camera
  • LEDs fail over time and standard IR lamps need replacing usually at least once a year.


However, in areas where no ambient light exists infra red illumination is sometimes essential.  There are many types of infra red illuminators and lamps available and the choice depends on the requirements.  Again something that arsparks can advise you on.


 cctv systems and kits bromsgrove


 CCTV stourport wifi




cctv systems in Solihull 

Less than every second


a home or vehicle is broken into,


Protect yours.







Adrian is also a registered Texecom


alarm system installer


registration no. 9352


 alarm installers stourbridge

 CCTV & Alarms installed


For a quality CCTV or Security Alarm system custom


 designed for your


property or business give us a call




Please contact Adrian  for more details 




Claiming for business/home security

You want to beef up your home security system by adding some CCTV cameras. Can you get the supplier to upgrade your business and home premises at the same time and claim a tax deduction for it?

Your company pays

Everyday prevention. If you pay for a security firm to guard your business premises or respond to an alarm call, then the cost is fully deductible against your trading profits. But what if you invest in fixed assets to make your premises more secure, such as new shutters/grilles or install a new CCTV/intruder alarm system? The Taxman will make your company wait for that tax deduction. If bought in 2007/8, it will get 50% of the cost in the first year but the balance gets spread over several years.

No entry!

Company pays. If the company paid for a CCTV system to be installed in your home, the cost it pays would be the value of the taxable benefit in kind it would have to report on your P11D.

Tip 1. However, if the cost to the company of your home CCTV system is £nil then nothing need appear on your P11D. So see if you can persuade the supplier that fitting a security system at your home is a loss leader (they do it for nothing) to enable them to get the main (more lucrative) contract with your company.

Tip 2. You can have remote viewing/access/back up in your own home for the live CCTV webcam footage from your office. However, this must come at £nil cost as well.

You pay

What if you pay for a CCTV system for your home and claim a tax deduction for it on your personal tax return? A deduction from earnings from employment (the relevant box on your tax return) is allowed for an amount: (1) that a director is obliged to incur and pay; and (2) is incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your duties.

Key issues. So in order to make a defendable claim, what are the key issues to be decided: were you obliged to pay for the CCTV system? Were the expenses wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred in the performance of your duties? In some cases they will be.

Special threats

There is a rule which enables private expenditure to be treated the same way as Capital Allowances. That is as for "security assets" which are used to meet a special threat (not defined!) to an individual's personal security - arising out of his or her trade, profession or vocation. The types of asset that can be claimed include alarm systems, bullet resistant windows in houses, i.e. toughened glass, floodlighting, security fencing and walls.

Special claim. Your local tax office is supposed to have a tax inspector "nominated" to deal with claims related to personal security expenditure. He has to obtain certain basic facts from you and then make a report to the Revenue's Personal Tax Division (PTD) for approval.

Tip 1. If he thinks your claim for personal security is "frivolous" he can resist it. But if you insist, he has to refer it to the PTD for a ruling.

Tip 2. If you are an employee/director and your employer/company is paying for security expenditure on, say, your home, you need to ask the inspector for a dispensation from treating this as a taxable benefit-in-kind


Adrian_____ 07971475781    email  


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